Sunday, October 08, 2006

wxFileDialog and Windows Vista

There are some changes regarding the native file dialog
in Windows Vista. Perhaps best explained by a shell
developer here: If one changes properties of the native
file dialog, one gets the "old" file dialog from Windows XP.

Here's an example of the difference: ("Old" is the first menu
option from the filedialog portion of the dialog sample, "New"
is the second.)



The problem is that the dialogs sample uses
> dialog.CentreOnParent();
which causes Vista to revert to the "old" file dialog.

So, if you are using common dialogs just keep an
eye out if you customize it all; as even centering it
with its parent could change the appearance of it.
In fact, calling any wxWindow method can be
problematic as it can make the look of a common
dialog non-native, or it may not work at all (in
some cases on some platforms setting the
background color doesn't work, for example).

I posted on the mailing list awhile back,
but sometimes it is a lot better with pictures :D.

Also, it still happens with RC2, which is supposively
the last release before RTM (Release To Market),
so it is likely that this will stay.

For those to wish to interact with the new Windows
Vista file dialog API, they can use the IFileDialogXXX
COM interfaces. This also includes derivatives
such as IFileOpenDialog. Hopefully wxWidgets
won't end up having to support a seperate file
dialog interface; but then I guess one could
just pImpl it as well.
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