Sunday, October 08, 2006

2.8 Release Schedule

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There is a bit of a flurry on the development side lately
in an effort to get out a 2.8 release. According to a recent
thread on wx-dev (the developer mailing list), there are several
reasons for this. The most prevalent reason appears to be the
impending release of Leopard (or OSX 10.5), the next version of
the macintosh operating system. Stefan Csomor, the lead of the
mac port of wxWidgets, expressed that the mac port of
wxWidgets was not "up to snuff" enough for leopard.

A possible part of the reasoning is that wxWidgets
is included in Tiger (OSX 10.4), and is going to be included
in Leopard as well.

Several possible targets were discussed. Stefen expressed a
desire to get the final 2.8 release in time for Leopard,
possibly as soon as the end of the month (November 1). Some
others discussed an end-of-year target.

Currently discussions are underway for the release of 2.7.1, the
next development version.
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