Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Towards quality in wxWinCE 2.8

The most mature ports of our toolkit (wxGTK, wxMSW and wxMac) are nearly equally advanced in terms of features. The development on them is "easy" - they all have the same screen sizes, keyboards, pointing devices, and sounds so once a wrapper around their native API is in place, the ports can share a common wxWidgets infrastructure for events, placement of controls etc.

A few releases earlier we started work on a new family of ports that are increasingly demanded by the market: handhelds, phones and PDAS. See more about it at

wxWinCE is the name given to wxMSW when compiled on Windows CE devices. We have a dedicated section in our manual about this port, see:

Are you a wxWinCE user? What do you miss most? When and how do you use #ifdef __WXWINCE__ in your code? Do you have some own improvements to this port? Please share any opinions and findings about the current state of the wxWinCE port on wx-dev and (for bugs and patches) the SourceForge trackers, and let's make it better together for future releases.
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