Sunday, October 08, 2006

Early October and a bit of September recap

The wxDataViewCtrl class gotten some documentation.
wxDataViewCtrl aims to be a replacement for wxListCtrl
and wxTreeCtrl.

A standardized, and sometimes native, way for showing
an about dialog was added to CVS. The main way to do
this is through the wxAboutBox() function .

There is a bit of discussion over the status of the
SOC2006_SOCKET branch of CVS. This was the branch
started as part of Google's summer of code to make
improvements to the wxSocket APIs and implementation.

Changes to the wxIcon API on wxMac were also proposed
in order to better interact with the native Carbon API. Ports
are often inconsistant on the ease of use with
Native APIs; for example wxMac does not have a streamlined
way to interact with all types of window handles, such as
wxWindow::AssociateHandle; often times this is due to
the design of the Native API itself.

New classes for graphics were added, including wxGraphicsPath
and wxGCDC, in order to interact with APIs such as GDI+
on Windows and Cairo. There is currently no documentation
for the classes, however. The interface is available through
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