Monday, February 01, 2016

3.1.0 Is Coming

Although we've been talking about it since quite some time, this time we're really going to make a new release soon. To be even more precise, I firmly expect to make it this month. Of course, I did wait until January was over to announce it. On the other hand, I did not wait for the February to be over neither even though it's the shortest month of the year. On still another hand, we did wait an extra year for this release, presumably just to have one extra day to make it in February of this year, as opposed to the last one... In any case, barring something really catastrophic happening, we should have a pre-release on February 15 and the release some time after that.

Of course, deciding to make the release is not quite enough, there are other things to do too, such as applying at least the most urgent and long standing patches and fixing selected bugs. So this week-end I spent some time doing this and, as the result, instead of 49 3.1.0-critical bugs we now have only 20 of them which is not as good as I hoped, but better than I expected. Of course, some of these bugs were just postponed, while others turned out to be not bugs at all after all or to have been already fixed. Still, quite a few real bugs and, notably, a few regressions which really couldn't remain before the release, were fixed as well, so there is that. I hope to deal with the remaining bugs during the next week and maybe even apply some non 3.1.0-targetted patches too, but in the worst case we could just postpone all the remaining 3.1.0 tickets as there is nothing absolutely critical there (and only a couple I'd characterise as being moderately critical).

So things look cautiously good for 3.1.0 and if we make it according to the plan, thus proving that our new release scripts, updated after the switch to git, work, hopefully 3.0.3 will follow soon afterwards.

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