Sunday, July 13, 2014

Some kind of a record

Today we closed two bugs in wxWidgets. Nothing surprising so far, except if you look at the bug numbers and realize that they are two thousand something while the latest ticket in the Trac is 16379. And these bugs were both opened more than 9 years ago, in February and May 2005 respectively. I'm sure that the fact that we are fixing bugs 10 years later must mean something, I'm just not sure what exactly. Do we not care enough about bugs to fix them so late? Do we care very much about them, enough to still fix them after all this time? Are we hopefully short on resources? Are we just very good at allocating our meagre resources efficiently so as to combine both bug fixing and still making some progress (which would never happen if we decided to not add any features until all existing bugs are fixed)? All of the above?

One thing is clear though: please keep reporting bugs in wxWidgets and if they seem to be ignored, know that there is always hope that they will be fixed one day. Next status report coming in 2050...

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