Monday, April 21, 2014

Accepted GSoC 2014 Projects Announced

wxWidgets is participating in the Google Summer of Code again this year and we are very glad to announce that this year 6 projects have been allocated for us, which is the most we have ever had!

We had many excellent proposals this year and unfortunately even in spite of getting so many slots, not all of them could have been selected, but here is the list of the ones that were:

  • Chaobin Zhang will add support for "new" (since Windows Vista) taskbar features under Windows such as progress display indicator, jump lists, buttons and so on.
  • Haojian Wu will integrate support for Chromium backend into wxWebView to provide a backend that could be used on all platforms in addition or instead of the native one.
  • Mariano Reingart will continue improving wxQt port and will look into the possibility of bringing wxWidgets to Android via Qt bridge.
  • Alexandru Pana will work on implementing Direct2D and DirectWrite-based version of wxGraphicsContext, which should result in much better performance and, for text output, quality than the current GDI+-based implementation.
  • Nikola Miljkovic will lay the grounds of wxAndroid port: this is the most difficult but also arguably the most exciting project.
  • Sun Boxiang will work on improving wxUniv port and in particular make it good enough to be used for simple UI under Android.

As usual, big thanks to Google for organizing the Summer of Code and best of luck to all the students!

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