Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Help with attracting students for GSoC 2011

This year we have surprisingly few proposals from the students willing to work on wxWidgets during this year Google Summer of Code. All the previous times when we participated in the GSoC we had more proposals than the slots allocated to wxWidgets but this year it looks like the reverse might happen for the very first time as two days before the proposal submission deadline we only have two worthy proposals and a couple more of more or less junk ones while, for comparison, the last year we had 7 or 8 interesting proposals and 5-6 or more of lesser quality but still not quite worthless.

And as we always had enough good proposals to take all the slots we were assigned, we never really did much advertisement for it. However this year it looks like it was a bad mistake to not do it so, considering that later is still better than never (even if it's really very late -- again, there are only 2 days left before the deadline), I'd like to ask for the help of the readers of this blog with spreading the word about SGoC in general and wxWidgets participation in it in particular among any students (and maybe also professors) you might know.

Personally I'm convinced that for any student interested in working on a real life yet fun and interesting project during the summer vacation, learning both more about the technical subject and also about how to work in an open source community in general and, moreover, be paid on successful completion of the project, participating in GSoC is really a great opportunity -- so please let know anybody who might be concerned about it.

Thanks in advance!
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