Monday, July 19, 2010

2.9.1 Finally Done

The 2.9.1 is finally officially done, all the files are here or at the FTP mirror. Not much to add to the previous posts about 2.9.1, I can only say that for me this is without doubt the best* wxWidgets release to date and it's incredibly more convenient and practical to use for development than 2.8.

Thanks to Stefan for quickly fixing the two important Mac bugs mentioned in the last update. And thanks for Source Forge for making the releases much, much less painful than in the past -- you can now simply scp the files to their file release system instead of passing by the hideous and incredibly slow (at least in the past when I had to use it) web-based file manager. It's a pleasure to see such outbreaks of common sense, even if (or "especially when"?) they come after years of torturing people with their old interface.

And, of course, thanks to everybody else who contributed to this release and the ongoing wxWidgets development. You're too numerous to be listed here but your help is really appreciated and, as hard as it could be to believe, the release would have taken even longer (if it ever happened at all) without it. Thank you!

* Barring some catastrophic bug which we didn't notice, of course...
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