Monday, April 27, 2009

Accepted Projects for Google Summer of Code 2009

This is a follow up to the previous post about wx acceptance into GSoC 2009. We have had many great proposals this year -- it was the best year for us so far from this point of view IMO -- and the only regret is that only 3 of them could have been accepted, I really feel sorry for some students who have clearly put a good effort in making their application. Nevertheless I can't really be sad about it because the 3 that were accepted look pretty exciting to me. There are:
I'm mentoring the first one of those so I'm naturally quite interested in it but the wxAUI project is clearly very much needed too and in spite of my initial opposition to the idea of including ribbon bar into wx, it turned out to be the most popular proposal among both students and wx users so it definitely will be great to have too.

Finally, just as during the last year GSoC, even if wx itself has only received 3 slots, there is also at least one other wx-related project in a different organization: Perl has one slot for creating Perl bindings for wxWebKit. And Audacity is participating in GSoC again as well and while their projects don't seem to be especially wx-related it is still nice to see wx applications being part of GSoC. OTOH it's a pity that none 30 Python projects seem to be wxPython related, especially as wxPython itself is not part of the GSoC this year but well, like this we have something to hope for the next year :-)

In the meanwhile good luck to Bartosz, Malcolm and Peter and looking forward to their contributions to wx!
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